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Each room and area of Tudor House and Garden has its own, unique story to tell about its former inhabitants, the different purposes the space was used for and what it was like to live there through the ages.

Visitors can enjoy an audio tour of the house, brought to life by a range of historic characters. In addition, the house contains text panels that appear to change or move as the image is viewed from different angles, to show how the rooms were used in two different historical periods. There are chests of clothes to try on, barrels which contain artefacts to be handled, a pirate ship model to play with and lots of other hands-on activities. You will also find a 3D tour, quizzes, trails and other interactive equipment in the Explorer Room on the ground floor. Most visitors begin their tour of the Tudor House by watching the Big Show in the Banqueting Hall, where the Time-Weaver transports visitors through time to key moments in the house’s history.

The House

Explore some of the areas and rooms of Southampton’s Tudor House

The Garden

Investigate the traditional Tudor Knot Garden at Tudor House

Southampton Museum and Archive Collections

Take a look at some of Southampton’s unique collections managed by our Museums and Archives team

Tudor House Highlights

Discover the museums highlights from our unique collections

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