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Special Exhibitions

Young, Tobias; 'Old Southampton', Lansdowne Castle; Southampton City Museums; http://www.artuk.org/artworks/old-southampton-lansdowne-castle-17202

Young, Tobias; ‘Old Southampton’, Lansdowne Castle; Southampton City Museums

Southampton Castle: A Ceremony in Stone

Exhibition from 8 April 

Southampton Castle has been a feature of the landscape of the town since the 11th century.  The original wooden motte and bailey castle was rebuilt in stone and extended several times. It was visited by kings and raided by pirates. It fell into disuse in the 15th century, as the defence of the town refocused on the walls, and was gradually encroached on by the townsfolk.

This exhibition will explore the history of the castle, through archaeology, documentary evidence and the stone structures which survive today.  It will also examine prehistoric and Saxon evidence from the castle area, and feature its Gothic re-invention in the age of Jane Austen.